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This was WAY better than I was expecting! Seriously, keep this up, man! You're amazing at this!

I'm normally not one for rap. But this, honestly, wasn't bad, from the perspective of how it sounds. Beats most of today's rap songs IMO.
Now, if I'm being blunt, as far as what the words say, I only really understand the chorus. But then again, I don't understand most modern rap either.
Overall: better than most rap today IMO, but I'm not quite sure this is something I could listen to consistently (but again, there's a little bias against the genre on my end, so take my word with a grain of salt).

Very good!
...TBH, I still think the original beats almost every remix that's been made of the song thus far. But, aside from that...for a character who is my personal favorite character in Deltarune so far (even before he got memed)? You definitely gave him what he deserved, with so much amazing additions from your own original melodies added in.
My only complaint about this is that I think it could've been faster. But then again, that statement makes an assumption about how it might be used, were it actually in Deltarune. But, overall, good job. Keep it up.

...totally unrelated to the music...I noticed your PFP, and that the song is tagged "furry"...so I'm assuming you're a furry, then. In that case...from one furry to another, excellent pick on that fursona.

TigerBren responds:

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I agree. It's hard to top the original, especially considering how Toby does such a great job bringing in that retro feeling to all of his music.

And yes! I am indeed a furry. Thank you for the compliment about my sona ^-^

Hi, I'm DJ N3utral123r, or 5n1pr, for my GD fans. I make music mostly to tell a story of myself (granted, in a way only I understand, but it helps me, anyway). However, you want a short piece or remix done, just ask, and I'll make it for free.

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